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Why Promethean?

At Promethean, we understand that every school is unique and faces different challenges. One size doesn't fit all. As a global leader of interactive technology in education, Promethean develops technology that transforms learning, helps make life easier in the classroom and improves student performance.  Learn More

The Device Is Only Part of the Equation

Like you, we at Promethean realize that a shiny new device doesn’t always equal a useful teaching and learning tool. When it comes to tablets, the selection of shiny gadgets is almost limitless. However, the number of options that add up to viable classroom tablet solutions is another story. 

So, what is the formula?

A system designed for K-12 classrooms + feedback for learning tools =
A mobile solution that empowers teachers and students

The Promethean KUNO education tablet system goes beyond accessing the Internet and digitizing traditional teaching and learning practices to transform the classroom into a safe, learner-centered environment, allowing students to play a more active role in their own learning and providing teachers the data they need to differentiate instruction.

A Classroom Tablet System Designed for K-12

  • Offer the right tools for each student—Personal access to digital resources, files, the Internet and a customized selection of applications gives students all of the tools they need when they need them, encouraging autonomous, self-directed learning. Remote device management and configuration make it simple to provide every student the best resources to support learning objectives.
  • Ensure a safe, secure learning experience that facilitates personalized learning—The Promethean KUNO education tablet system's unparalleled security helps ensure that students are focused on learning. Free from concerns about Internet safety, teachers can offer learners the freedom to explore, dive into the deep end, be creative and pursue learning objectives in the unique ways that inspire them.
  • Built to last—In order to drive and support learning, classroom technology must work. From design to battery to case, our solution is one that can stand up to use by little hands or big, long school days and backpack trips from school to home.

Feedback for Learning with ActivEngage2 Student Response Software

  • Give students a voice—With a wide variety of question and answer options, either built into the lesson or in the moment, robust student response software encourages every learner, from the quietest to the most eager, to actively participate and contribute. The result is not only more engaging lessons, but also more informed teaching.
  • Leverage real-time insight into each student’s level of understandingActivEngage2 enables instant measurement of student comprehension, helping educators differentiate and adjust instruction to ensure that everyone grasps the lesson concept. Leverage feedback and data in the moment and save to monitor progress over time.
  • Promote student-led learning—Instant feedback in self-paced learning sessions helps students identify which concepts they have mastered and where they need to focus their efforts during the current lesson and beyond. With safe, customized tools at their fingertips, learners can be set free to pursue mastery in the ways that suits them best.


For more details on the features of Promethean KUNO and their impact on teaching and learning, please select the FEATURES tab above.

Promethean KUNO is currently available only in the United States.

Promethean KUNO features:

  • Promethean Manage allows IT administrators and teachers to intuitively manage devices from anywhere with Internet access from a secure portal for easy distribution of content, applications and updates across a district or authority, school or class.
  • Promethean ActivEngage2 student response software enables teachers to track student comprehension at an individual level and intervene or adapt the lesson accordingly. It features ad-hoc, prepared, and self-paced/leveled options.
  • Secure web filter embedded at the root level aids in ensuring safe Internet use and in meeting the requirements of CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act), whether students are on or off the school network.
  • Interface optimized for the classroom transforms the device into a customized student tool, enabling students to quickly access their files and only the applications and content they need.
  • Reliability, durability and advanced replacement warranty help to ensure that students are always connected and learning. The system features enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, a long-lasting battery, durable construction and a classroom-tough case.
  • Rugged case with flip stand/cover protects against wear and tear, shields the screen when the device is not in use, and functions as a tablet stand to optimize viewing angle on a desk or other surface.
  • Maximize existing classroom technology with Promethean KUNO. The system is designed to work seamlessly with any interactive display, whether an ActivBoard, another type of interactive whiteboard, interactive projector or with no display at all. ActivEngage2 can be used side-by-side on Promethean KUNO and other mobile devices.

USB 2.0 (micro-B connector); 3.5mm stereo headphone socket; micro-HDMI (micro-D connector)

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Dual Band 2.4/5Ghz; Bluetooth v2.1; Built-in GPS; USB 2.0 (micro-B connector); 3.5mm stereo headphone socket; micro-HDMI (micro-D connector)

Tablet Operating System
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) with custom mobile operating interface for student devices

Included Components
Promethean KUNO4 tablet with ActivEngage2 student response software preloaded, wall charger, microUSB to full-size USB cable, rugged protective case with flip stand/cover, user guide.

Optional Education Accessory Pack
Includes: keyboard, keyboard case, cleaning cloth and 2 capacitive styluses


View Promethean KUNO specifications sheet for more details.

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